Mental Scanning provides an objective diagnosis that saves money and suffering

Mental illness is a growing problem, but detecting the cause of it is the major problem. Is it caused physically or is it an effect of today’s lifestyle? Like too much to worry about, stressful work, not enough time, separation anxiety or just a feeling of being lost. These two are tightly connected and hard to diagnose from each other. But while the first one can be medicated or cured by professional treatment, the second one could be treated at an early stage, even prevented, by self-therapy. The problem has always been to make an objective diagnosis of patients’ mental health.The solution is Mental Scanning and the welfare benefit in our society would be enormous. Somewhere around 40-50 billion crowns per year, in Sweden only. 

Three different Point-of Views


An easy function to describe and capture mood


An objective decision support for the doctor


Will reduce the cost for mental illness in society