The idea behind Mental Scanning

Technology now allows for affordable diagnostics using mental health indicators, for example GSR and heart rate variability. All based on open source hardware for the hardware sensors and sensor platform.

We have developed cloud and IoT technology in research at Lund University by Bengt Ljungquist which allows for rapid collection and organization of data in real time, if needed. The developed software architecture for organization of data has been shown in research to allow for collections and feedback to millions of neurons in the brain simultaneously.

Algorithms compares indicators for diagnostics and suggested possible treatments. These could be therapeutic, life-style or for further consultation with health care.

The analysis provides the patient with insight and control of his or hers disorder, which itself may be therapeutic.

Results may be shared with health care staff/therapists, which also may be able to follow their patients/clients in real time over a distance. This may be combined with interviews to track emotional state during these interviews.