About Us

It all started with a informal talk in-between some friends from different background. One thing that we seemed to have in common was to modernise and approach the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness in a new way. To us the increase of sick-leaves was exploding, and still are. We thought that it must be a easier, more accurate and quicker way of diagnosing the severe sick from the one that is stressed for one or another reason. And to help the latter ones to find a way to self-help instead of getting the verdict of being sick.
One way of doing that is through a app that helps the patients to express their feelings and mood from day to day and documents it over time. To the help for both the patient and the doctor.

Bengt Ljungquist

PhD Student at Lund University,

Björn Anders Larsson

Researcher in management science and economy at Lund University.
Partner and Vice President of the Nordic Evaluation Group think tank.

Tom Magnusson

Tom has all his life been working with marketing and advertising, including multinational as well as agencies of his own. Today engaged in several startups.